Kesem: "In my studio and shop I creates a small series from clay using different techniques; wheel throwing, molds and hand building techniques, I work with a great sense for aesthetics and each item is a unique handcrafted piece of art for me. Every piece is special and when seen them in person, you can appreciate the detailing and attention in it.

About my way of work and vision

As a ceramic designer I am experimenting in clay; his texture, pattern and shape, the objects that surround me influence my pieces and I find my inspiration in everyday life, the urban surrounding and nature. I see myself rediscovering function through the process of design by playing with material. Design to me concerns functionality, beauty and simplicity; I appreciate simple shapes with high esthetic"


Pics by  Kesemy Design 

  • Amsterdamhouses

    These special tiny houses are Kesemy version to the Dutch canal houses, a bit crooked, old but full of charm. These houses are hand carved from recycled clay, which gives them their beautiful imperfections.
    Pieces may also have…

    € 17,50
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